Today’s needs …

Designing is not a game and requires ideas, ingenuity, time, investments and sacrifices. This is especially true in the fields of sport, industrial and civil lighting, where for every situation it is necessary to study a specific solution capable of satisfying more aspects, from the regulatory to the performance, also satisfying the eye of the end user. Amstra works daily on all this with enthusiasm and tenacity through a team that is able to manage all the main design and production phases internally, because customer satisfaction must also be ours.

…technologies of tomorrow

When creating a product it is necessary to start from what will be its final use. In short, to achieve a quality lamp, it is not enough to limit oneself to factors, albeit fundamental ones, such as light emission and performance, but also and above all finding solutions that can adapt to different situations, both from the point of view of the yield on the ground and of the design, so that nothing is left to chance. This is why we dedicate a large part of our production process to virtual design, so as to transform our ideas into quality products.